Epik High

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On My Way (feat. Jackson Wang)

Catch (feat. HWASA)

God’s Latte

Down Bad Freestyle

Rich Kids Anthem (feat. LEE HI)

가족관계증명서 (Family Portrait) (feat. Kim Feel)

I Hated Myself (Tablo’s Word)

그래서 그래 (Gray So Gray) (feat. Younha)

Super Rare (feat. Wonstein, pH-1)

End Of The World (feat. GSoul)

Social Distance 16

True Crime (feat. Miso)

정당방위 (In Self-Defense) (feat. Woo Won JaeNucksalCHANGMO)

수상소감 (Acceptance Speech) (feat. B.I)

내 얘기 같아 (Based On A True Story) (feat. HEIZE)

Rosario (feat. CLZICO)

Leica (feat. Kim Sawol)

Face ID (feat. GiriboySik-K, JUSTHIS)

비 오는 날 듣기 좋은 노래 (Rain Song) (Feat. Colde)